Notes on how to use Lenovo Laser Wireless Mouse


  1. Install the mouse

    Although named wireless, it still needs physical connection into the laptop. There is an USB Receiver that needs to be insert into the laptop before the mouse functions. The USB receiver is put inside of the new mouse. To get it out: press the battery compartment release button too open the cover, and you will find the USB Receiver inside. Take it out and connect it to an USB connector.

  2. Install the software

    The computer might automatically suggest to download the Mouse Suit software when you connect the USB receiver into the laptop. If not, simple download it through link And restart the computer after installing the suite. And then it would works.

  3. Official support manual: Lenovo Combined Mouse User Guide

    As the manual name suggest, it contains guides for various models of Lenovo Wireless Mice, go to Content and click on the right one to get details instruction.

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