Daisy H. Leng is an independent language service provider based in Shanghai, China. Believing in the power of language and communication, Daisy works with professionals who have the shared belief to create a better world. Heralding from Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation SISU, one of the top institutes in language field, Daisy has helped known brands to localize their services in China, providing qualified services – translation, editing, copy-writing and linguistic assessment – to bridge the language and culture barriers.

Daisy is the chosen translator and editor for fashion and luxury brands like Burberry, Dior, L’Oreal,Salvatore Ferragamo, Max Mara, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Patek Philippe, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpel. She also helps to equip the automobile industry by trans-creating top-end publications like Ferrari Magazine. With a heart of making life better, Daisy supports lifestyle bands like Ikea and IHG Hotels to take roots in Chinese market. Agencies and end clients enjoy working together with Daisy, because they know she’ll take care of the projects and produce guaranteed results.

Fully understanding the value of sharing and working together, Daisy contributes her time as a linguists at TED translation community and Translators without Border, the non-profit organization dedicated for humanitarian courses.  She also loves writing, cooking, and exploring new things.


您好!欢迎来到我的网站 DaisyZone。我是Daisy, 在英语和中文的世界里从事语言服务工作。在这个让人疯狂的行业中,我有时候就像那个不停旋转的陀螺,同样疯狂着;有时候就安静下来,做点儿其他自己喜欢的事,比如到 DaisyZone 记记博客。




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