Story Matters

Mostly reality is nasty, say, politics and finance. But stories are magical enough to cover those nasty and create stimulus and then reshape reality – to the good or bad way. In another word, human civilization is formulated by stories visioned by human themselves.

Do not mingle stories with lies. There are specific rules and instructions to distinguish the two, which can be explained by lawyers. The story I am saying is about reality-reshaping.

Life is filled with impossibilities due to the inequality. We need story to reshape the scenario and tell a different narrative to encourage momentum or to continue the nasty. The balance is maintained by human ourselves, especially those who are good at story telling.

In fact, story is ubiquitous. Just take a look at the taglines of brands around you. They are telling visions which are stories de facto. Think about the one you care, both you and them are telling stories because of love.

Story does matter. It is the gift endowed by the Creator. It is the single inalienable power that allows us to update ourselves and reshape the realities which we are not comfortable of. It empowers us to continue the life and formulate a better one. Life becomes marvelous due to stories we are telling and being told.

The tricky thing is to distinguish story from reality. It would be painful to find what we believe is just a story created by others. It would be anguish to realize the story we used to is stopped and we are left nowhere.

A good story teller is one who knows oneself and the human being as well. It is a huge project to be a good story teller. No one can escape the narrative, but qualified story tellers dance with stories.

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