Windows: How to extract files whose name is too long

It happens that the files in a zipped package cannot be extracted due to an illegally long name. See the error below:

Windows sets a limitation on the maximum character a file can have. The technical explanation: the maximum length for a path in Windows API is defined as 260 characters and the filename is limited to 255 characters. So filename and path name should not cross 255/260 characters. To fix the name-to-long error, shorten the filename/foldername to less than 255 characters.

The direct approach is to change the name of the zipped folder to a shorter one – as short as possible. Then all the zipped files would be happily released. (Refer to a YouTube tutorial:

The second approach is to copy and paste the zipped folder to the desktop, and then extract. (Refer to a YouTube tutorial:

However, it happens that neither approach is workable. For such cases, try to combine the two: first copy and paste the zipped file to the desktop, then minimize the name, and then try to extract it. God Luck 🙂

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