Hi there, thanks for visiting DaisyZone, the site of Daisy H. Leng, an independent contractor in language service industry. This site is designed to be useful and inspirational, especially for translators like Daisy who works as a freelancer in the Chinese and English world. What you see in the pages here were articles wrote by Daisy upon real-life issues and ideas of the language service industry, especially of translation and localization.

As a professional translator based in Shanghai China since 2012, Daisy has been helping brands to localize their services in China – to bridge the language and culture barriers between English and Chinese world. Daisy works with high-end translation agencies for most of the time. Qualified translation management and various on-going projects provide Daisy insights about the language service industry and the job as a translator itself. She wants to write all these insights and share with peers from all over the world because sharing make her happier. The writings are also about Daisy’s self-reflection –  How to become an even better language service provider, and how to balance life and work as a freelancer?

Daisy is serious about her profession. In addition to providing qualified language services, she continues her professional development so as to keep up with the updated development in technology, theory and practice. Daisy is a qualified Member of Institute of Translation &Interpreting (MITI), an associate member of American Translators Association (ATA), and member of Translators Association of China.

In spare time Daisy reads, paints, runs, and cooks. Reach her through email: me@daisyzone.com

Hi,谢谢你访问我的网站DaisyZone, 我是Daisy,上外高翻专业硕士笔译系,毕业后即跟翻译公司合作,从事笔译工作至今,服务的外语语种是英文,坐标上海。